PingFederate Certified Professional

PingFederate Certified Professional

The Ping Identity Certified Professional - PingFederate certification measures the candidate’s ability to describe how to perform basic installation and configuration tasks.

This exam covers the following knowledge about PingFederate version 10 or later:

Product Overview

  • Describe the basic features and functionality of the product and highlight the main use cases.

Installation and Initial Configuration

  • Identify installation requirements for the product.
  • Describe how to install the product on Windows.
  • Describe how to install the product on Linux or UNIX.
  • Identify tasks completed during the initial configuration wizard.
  • Describe how to upgrade the product.

User Interface

  • The candidate should be able to describe how the administrative console works and what the basic workflows are.

Server Administration

  • Describe the locations and functions of different startup files.
  • Describe how to set up logging into the administrative console with an LDAP data source.
  • Describe how to install or upgrade the product license.
  • Describe the use of native accounts in PingFederate or how Role-Based Access Controls are used to manage administrative functionality.
  • Describe how to configure email notifications.
  • Describe how to manage configuration archive creation and retention.
  • Describe the server endpoints.
  • Describe how to manage SSL certificates, certificate authorities and certificate signing requests.
  • Describe how to configure or manage LDAP and JDBC external data sources.
  • Describe how to configure Password Credential Validators or any of the following adapters:
    • HTML Form Adapter
    • HTTP Basic Adapter
    • Kerberos Adapter
    • OpenToken Adapter
    • Reference ID Adapter
    • Composite Adapter

Attribute Mapping

  • Describe how attribute mappings work and how to use them.
  • Explain the difference between mapping attributes at the connection level and the adapter level. 

SSO Connections

  • Describe SSO endpoints and variables (protocol-specific endpoints).
  • Define the difference between IdP-initiated and SP-initiated connections and describe when each are used.

OAuth 2.0 Configuration

  • Describe the purpose of OAuth scopes, token managers and mappings for grants, clients or endpoints.

OpenID Connect Configuration

  • Describe how to configure OpenID Connect Policy Management.
  • Describe the OpenID Connect endpoints and their purposes.
  • Describe how to use OpenID Connect for SSO.

Log Files

  • Describe the locations, purposes and logging levels for different PingFederate log files.

Exam Delivery

This exam is delivered as a remotely proctored, multiple-choice exam. There are roughly 60 items on the exam and a time limit of approximately 90 minutes.