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Captivate Advanced: Using Adobe Captivate 7 for Mobile Learning (m-Learning)

Course Details
Tuition (USD): $1,195.00 • Classroom (2 days)
$1,195.00 • Virtual (2 days)

In this course you will create 3 m-learning projects using not just Adobe Captivate 7, but Adobe Edge Animate and Phone Gap. You will create a high-definition screencast that will be uploaded to YouTube, a mobile-friendly interactive software demonstration and a SCORM-compliant mobile-friendly quiz.

  • Mobile devices are becoming more of a factor in designing e-leaning projects. This has given rise to a new branch of e-learning called m-learning and Adobe Captivate 7 offers the tools necessary to make this transition.


  • Practical working knowledge of Mac OS X or Windows
  • Captivate Fundamentals: An Introduction to Captivate 7 class or equivalent experience

Course Details

Lesson 1: Creating a Mobile Compliant Screencast

  • The Video Demo recording mode
  • Creating a video screencast
  • Necessary settings for a screencast
  • The Video Demo interface
  • Trimming the raw video file
  • Inserting images
  • Adding transitions
  • Inserting text captions
  • Creating a zoom effect
  • Inserting a smart shape
  • Publishing as a .mp4 video file
  • Publishing to YouTube

Lesson 2: Creating a Mobile-friendly Interactive Simulation

  • Capturing the slides
  • Preparing the application to capture
  • Settings in Captivate
  • Editing the project for mobile output
  • Applying a theme to the project
  • Creating the introduction and ending slides
  • Using effects and transitions in a mobile-friendly project
  • Using the effects panel in a mobile-friendly project
  • Inserting multimedia components
  • Inserting video files
  • Adding audio narration
  • Working with the mouse
  • Adding interactivity with buttons and click boxes
  • Working with buttons
  • Working with click boxes
  • Interactivity with HTML5 output

Lesson 3: Optimizing an Existing Project for Mobile

  • The HTML5 Tracker
  • Handling unsupported features
  • Text animation
  • Rollover objects
  • Rollover slidelet
  • Rollover caption
  • Rollover images
  • Graceful degradation of the unsupported effect
  • Widgets in a mobile-friendly project
  • Modifying the voice over narration with the text-to-speech engine

Lesson 4: Creating a Mobile-Friendly Quiz

  • Types of question slides
  • Question pools and random question slides
  • The quiz results slide
  • Quiz preferences
  • Slide transitions
  • The Certificate widget
  • Reporting interactions to an LMS
  • Configuring the reporting options

Lesson 5: Publishing a Captivate Project for Mobile

  • The project skin
  • Creating mobile-optimized playback controls
  • Importing the playback controls
  • Defining the playback control's actions
  • Binding the actions to the playback controls
  • Publishing the project for mobile
  • HTML5 publishing
  • Publishing an LMS-ready SCORM package in HTML5
  • Addressing multi-screens
  • Scalable HTML5 content
  • Publishing as a .mp4 video

Lesson 6: The Adobe Captivate App Packager

  • Inserting Edge Animate animations into Captivate
  • Seeing the animations in a web browser
  • Removing standard animations from the project
  • Publishing the project in HTML5
  • The Adobe Captivate App Packager
  • Packaging a Captivate HTML5 project as a native application
  • Using PhoneGap and PhoneGap build
  • PhoneGap and the Adobe Captivate App Packager
  • Using the App Packager with the PhoneGap build service
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