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Using technology to solve an immediate, pressing problem is relatively easy. Designing and implementing a robust architecture that serves the immediate needs to the enterprise and is consistent with the long-term strategic vision of the organization is a bit more difficult.

Enterprise Architecture (EA) is the practice of applying a comprehensive and rigorous method for describing, defining, designing, and ultimately deploying a framework that addresses business architecture, performance management, organizational structure, and process architecture. While EA defines strategic directions, Solution Architecture (SA) bridges the gap between business requirements and the implementation of technology solutions. Past experiences have shown that without this link, almost half of all IT projects tend to fail.

Microservice architectures are the advancing way for the enterprise. They promise nearly unlimited scalability and allow for the business agility needed to meet the needs of exploding information and rapid innovation in technology. In order to succeed at building these microservice systems, architects and developers need to learn a different way of thinking about services.

Our architecture courses provide practitioners opportunities to learn from experts with real-world experience.

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