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Oracle NoSQL Database for Administrators Ed 2

Oracle NoSQL Database for Administrators Ed 2 LVC Skills Gained Plan installation of Oracle NoSQL Database Install and configure Oracle NoSQL Database Deploy Oracle NoSQL Database KVStore Secure the...

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$2,700 USD
Course Code D91326GC20
Duration 2 days
Available Formats Classroom

Oracle NoSQL Database for Administrators Ed 2 LVC

Skills Gained

  • Plan installation of Oracle NoSQL Database
  • Install and configure Oracle NoSQL Database
  • Deploy Oracle NoSQL Database KVStore
  • Secure the configuration
  • Extend a KVStore by increasing the replication factor or capacity of the KVStore
  • Troubleshoot installation and hardware failures
  • Monitor and optimize Oracle NoSQL Database performance
  • Perform backup
  • recovery
  • and upgrades

Who Can Benefit

  • Administrator
  • Developer

Course Details

Course Introduction

  • Course Objectives
  • Course Schedule
  • Course Environment
  • Accessing the Labs Directory
  • Introducing Personas
  • Course Supplement
  • Additional Resources

Oracle NoSQL Database: Overview

  • Oracle NoSQL Database
  • Key Features
  • Benefits of Using Oracle NoSQL Database
  • Supported Data Types
  • How Does the Oracle NoSQL Database Work
  • Oracle NoSQL Database Components
  • Partitions and Key Value Pairs
  • Performance and Throughput

Planning An Installation

  • KVStore Analysis: Tasks
  • Understanding Storage Capacity and Throughput Capacity
  • Using InitialCapacityPlanning Spreadsheet
  • Application Requirements
  • Hardware Requirements
  • Performance Requirements: Estimating Workload
  • Performance Requirements: Estimating Throughput
  • Performance Requirements: Estimating Cache Size

Installing and Configuring Nodes

  • Prerequisites Checklist
  • Installation Steps
  • Creating Directories
  • Extracting Software
  • Verifying the Installation
  • Configuring the Replication Node
  • Using the makebootconfig Utility
  • Starting Storage Node Agents

Configuring and Deploying A KVStore

  • Configuration Steps
  • Introducing Plans
  • States of a Plan
  • Starting the Admin CLI
  • Configuring KVStore
  • Creating a Data Center/Zone
  • Deploying an Admin Node
  • Creating a Storage Pool

Modifying a KVStore

  • Reasons to modify a cluster
  • Increasing a clusters capacity
  • Increasing a clusters replication factor
  • Steps to modify a cluster

Securing the Configuration

  • Security Overview
  • Performing a secure installation using makebootconfig
  • Secure an existing installation using securityconfig
  • Security.xml Parameters
  • Encrypting Data
  • Configuring Authentication
  • Default Security Policies
  • Security Guidelines

Troubleshooting Oracle NoSQL Database Installation Issues

  • Verifying a KVStore
  • Verify Command
  • Verification Using Admin Console
  • Locating the Installed Files
  • Understanding the Installed Files
  • Understanding the Log File
  • Service States
  • HA Port Ranges

Fixing Hardware Failures

  • Hardware Failures: Overview
  • Network Failure
  • Recovering from Network Failure
  • Detecting Storage Device Failures
  • Replacing a Failed Storage Device
  • Detecting Server Failures
  • Replacing a Failed Storage Node
  • Migrating to the New Storage Node

Setting Store Parameters

  • Introducing KVStore Parameters
  • List of Parameters
  • Parameter Usage
  • Viewing Parameters Using CLI
  • Viewing Parameters Using the Admin Console
  • Changing Parameters Using CLI
  • Changing Parameters Using Admin Console
  • Setting Replication Node Policy

Optimizing KVStore Performance

  • Best Practice: Set Optimal JE Cache Size
  • Estimating JE Cache SizeRequirement
  • Setting JE Cache Size
  • Best Practice: JVM
  • Best Practice: Set Optimal Java Heap Size
  • Estimating Java Heap Size
  • Setting Java Heap Size
  • Best Practice: Log Garbage Collection Activity

General Monitoring

  • Monitoring the KVStore (include SNMP and JMX)
  • Events
  • Viewing the Events: Using Admin Console
  • Viewing the Events: Using CLI
  • Using SNMP and JMX

Backup and Recovery

  • Backup Process
  • Introducing Snapshots
  • Using Snapshots
  • Recover Process
  • Recovery: Using a Load Program
  • Using the Load Program Guidelines
  • Recovery: Directly Using Snapshots
  • Updating an Existing Deployment

Managing AVRO Schema

  • Introducing AVRO schema
  • JSON format
  • Adding a schema
  • Changing a schema
  • Viewing a schema
  • Disabling a schema
  • Enabling a schema

Upgrading the Software

  • Upgrade Process: Overview
  • Pre-requisites
  • Upgrading from R1 to R2
  • Upgrading from R2 to R3
  • Using a script