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BOSH Advanced

Course Details
Code: CN2-BOSH-Adv
Tuition (USD): $1,900.00 • Classroom (2 days)

This in-depth hands-on course is designed to take casual BOSH users to the advanced user level. Day one begins with a review of BOSH and its basic operation and then introduces the BOSH architecture in detail with an overview of the BOSH source tree and GitHub repo. The second half of day one focuses on releases, taking a soup to nuts tour of release basics all the way to advanced release configuration, covering jobs, packages, vendoring, deployment manifests and more.

Day two begins with a look at the Director architecture and API, including exploration of the Director database and its schema, as well as addons and addon configuration. The course concludes with a look at Cloud Provider Interfaces (CPI) and the steps involved in building custom CPIs, followed by a stemcell deep dive and a look at creating custom stemcells.

Each module is followed by a hands on lab, giving attendees practical experience with the tools and concepts discussed in class. Upon completion, attendees should have an in-depth, advanced understanding of BOSH and operation in a wide range of production settings.

Skills Gained

  • This two day hands-on course is designed for technology professionals presently using BOSH who are looking for a deeperunderstanding of BOSH, through a review of BOSH core features, an architectural overview and advanced feature deepdives.

Who Can Benefit

  • Developers, DevOps, IT and QA Staff


  • Each attendee must have a laptop with internet access and the ability to run a 64 bit virtual machine to complete the lab assignments. Attendees should have good command line skills and some experience with BOSH.

Course Details

BOSH Advanced

  • Day 1
  1. BOSH Review
  2. BOSH Architecture and Source Tree
  3. Working with Releases
  4. Creating complex Releases
  • Day 2
  1. Director and the Director API
  2. Configuring and managing Addons
  3. Cloud Provider Interfaces and custom built CPIs
  4. Stemcells and BOSH stemcell builders
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