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Salesforce Training Courses

ExitCertified has partnered with in North America to offer you authorized Salesforce Administrator and Developer training. As your dedicated partner for Salesforce training, ExitCertified can register you into any course, in the most convenient location for you. Browse through our selection of Salesforce Administrator and Developer training courses to get started.



Salesforce Administrator Training Courses

Learn to support the day-to-day business processes as an administrator of your company's sales, marketing or services applications within Salesforce. ExitCertified offers a variety of Salesforce Admin related training, where students receive hands-on experience with topics like managing salesforce users and data, organization configurations, automating business processes, reporting and much more. Taking courses in this category provides training for specialized role-based certifications like Salesforce Administrator, Advanced Administrator, Platform App Builder or a CPG Specialist. 

Instructor-Led Classroom & Virtual
  • Administration Essentials for new Admins (ADM 201) (ADM-201)
  • B2B Commerce Administrator (B2B-101)
  • B2B Commerce Developer (B2B-201)
  • Managing the Commerce Cloud Storefront (CCM-101)
  • Administration Essentials for Experienced Admins in Lightning Experience (ADX-211)
  • Lightning Experience Admin Essentials for New Admins + Certification (ADX-201C)
  • Salesforce Proficiency Pack for Administrators (SPP-201)
  • Administration Essentials for New Admins in Lightning Experience (ADX-201)
  • Administration Essentials for New Admins + Certification (ADM201C) (ADM-201C)
  • Administration Essentials for Experienced Administrators (ADM 211) (ADM-211)
  • Certification Preparation for Advanced Administrator (CRT-211)
  • Preparing for Your Administrator Certification (CRT 101) (CRT-101)
  • Certification Preparation for Pardot Consultant (CRT-160)
  • Certification Preparation For Community Cloud Consultants (CRT-271)
  • What’s Possible: Salesforce Fundamentals (STR 101) (STR-101)
  • Sales Cloud Administration: Products, Quotes, Orders and Collaborative Forecasts (ADM 251) (ADM-251)
  • Service Cloud Administration (ADM-261) (ADM-261)
  • Predictive Intelligence 101 (PDI-101)
  • Sales Cloud Training for Sales Reps Using Lightning (SLX-101)
  • Implementing an Analytics Strategy for the Sales Cloud (STR 301) (STR-301)
  • Salesforce CPQ Admin Essentials for Experienced Administrators (CPQ-211)
  • Reporting Fundamentals in Lightning Experience (RPX-101)
  • Essentials of Pardot for Digital Marketers (PDT-101)
  • Implementing Field Service Lightning (FSL-201)
  • Sales Cloud Training For Sales Managers in Lightning Experience (SLX-201)
  • Salesforce CPQ Admin Essentials for New Administrators (CPQ-201)
  • Salesforce Fundamentals for Business Administration Specialists (BSX-101)

Salesforce Developer Training Courses

Salesforce Developer training from ExitCertified helps you become proficient in designing and implementing custom applications using Salesforce declarative customization capabilities. Our training courses will prepare you for Salesforce Certifications like Salesforce Platform Developers, Platform Application Builders, and B2C Commerce Developers. Our instructor-led courses are delivered in traditional classroom locations across NA or as live-virtual classrooms available to you from anywhere.

Instructor-Led Classroom & Virtual
  • Declarative Development for Platform App Builders (DEX-402)
  • Get Started with Communities in Lightning Experience (ADX-271)
  • Programming Lightning Web Components (DEX-602)
  • Declarative Development for Platform App Builders in Lightning Experience (DEX-403)
  • B2C Commerce Developer with SFRA (CCD-102)
  • Programmatic Development Using Apex and Visualforce in Lightning Exper (DEX-450) (DEX-450)
  • Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming using Apex on the Lightning Platform (ADX-231) (ADX-231)
  • Integrating with the Salesforce Platform in Lightning Experience (DEX-502) (DEX-502)
  • Programming Lightning Components (DEX 601) (DEX-601)
  • Certification Preparation for Platform App Builder (CRT-402) (CRT-402)
  • Certification Preparation for Platform Developer I (CRT-450) (CRT-450)
  • Lightning Components Implementation for Platform Developers (DEX-460)
  • Preparing for Your Sales Cloud Consultant Certification (CRT 251) (CRT-251)
  • Preparing for Your Service Cloud Consultant Certification (CRT 261) (CRT-261)
  • Working with Data and Dashboards in Einstein Analytics (ANC-301) (ANC-301)
  • Journey Builder 101 (JB-101)
  • Certification Preparation for Pardot Specialist (CRT-150)
  • Developing for Salesforce B2C Commerce (CCD-101)

Salesforce User Training Courses

ExitCertified offers Salesforce training for the business user, from sales and marketing roles to operational service and support employees. Anyone can learn Salesforce basics that are key to supporting their daily activities, whether that is as an executive, sales manager, sales rep, support agent or other business critical role. Salesforce courses like reporting fundamentals can be beneficial for all users who consume data relevant to their business roles. 

Instructor-Led Classroom & Virtual
  • Essentials of Pardot Lightning App for Digital Marketers (PDX-101)
  • Marketing Cloud Connect Essentials (MCC-201)
  • Preparing for your Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Consultant Exam (CRT-550)
  • Email Essentials (EEB-101)
  • Reporting Fundamentals (RPT 101) (RPT-101)
  • Sales Cloud Training for Sales Reps (SLS-101) (SLS-101)
  • Sales Cloud Training for Sales Managers (SLS-201) (SLS-201)
  • Service Cloud Essentials for Agents (SVC-101) (SVC-101)
  • Service Cloud Essentials for Managers (SVC-201) (SVC-201)
  • Service Cloud Essentials for Executives (SVC-301) (SVC-301)
  • Mobile and Desktop Exploration in Einstein Analytics (ANC-101) (ANC-101)
  • Building Lenses, Dashboards, and Apps in Wave Analytics (ANC-201) (ANC-201)
  • Social Studio SS-101 (SS-101)
  • Essentials for Marketing Cloud Email Marketers (EEB101)
  • Content Builder Essentials for the Digital Marketer (EML101)
  • Social Studio (SS101)
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