Leading with Analytics

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Tuition (USD): $825.00 • Classroom (1 day)

You know that analytics can help your company succeed. However, it is not always clear where and how analytics can help. Even worse, it can sometimes seem like everyone is speaking a different language. This course helps you lead your organization to greater success by pairing your expertise about the business with an understanding of where and how data science can help. You build on your strengths to collaborate effectively with experienced data scientists and to mentor novice analytics professionals to engage in the business. You also learn about five organizational styles for analytics with proven business outcomes.

Skills Gained

  • describe applications of exploratory, explanatory, predictive, forecasting, and prescriptive analysis
  • identify different corporate analytical strategies that drive business success through varying cultures of data access, governance, and innovation
  • frame business problems so that they can be answered with data and analytics
  • identify and manage different communication and work styles among analytics professionals
  • overcome communication barriers among data owners, statistical modelers, and decision leadership.

Who Can Benefit

  • Managers, directors, and consumers of analytic environments who want to ask more interesting, data-driven questions; those who want to help cross-functional teams collaborate more effectively in making data-driven decisions; and individuals who want to sharpen their leadership skills and drive growth in the business and in their own careers


  • This course does not teach analytics to non-analytic managers. Rather, you learn how to talk to people on your team who do know statistics, thus bridging the gap between business and analytics teams.

Course Details

The Promise and the Reality of Big Data

  • the data and the hype
  • collaborative leadership

Analytics in Action

  • the analytics life cycle
  • many ways to analyze

Five Analytical Patterns for Success

  • introduction to organizational approaches to analytics
  • the five patterns

Effective Engagement Strategies

  • a flock of analysts and stakeholders
  • maximizing engagement
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