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Blockchain has come a long way since the early days of Bitcoin. The world’s largest internet messaging companies are racing to develop cryptocurrencies that are expected to launch with widespread trust and acceptance. And the list of possible use cases goes well beyond payments. Blockchain’s decentralized security gives it relevance to virtually every aspect of healthcare, for example, and that industry’s leaders are now making blockchain uptake a priority. Choose your path in blockchain, and let our courses help you reach your goals.


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  • IBM - Hyperledger Fabric Fundamentals (Course)

    Course Code: U5RXM02G
    This in-depth hands-on course introduces developers, security professionals and other technology staff to the principles and practices behind smart contract application development on Hyperledger...
  • Essentials of IBM Blockchain (Course)

    Course Code: U5RXM01G
    This in-depth hands-on course introduces developers, security professionals and other technology staff to the principls and practices driving modern blockchain technology. Day one begins with a...
  • Blockchain on IBM Z (Course)

    Course Code: ESE0G
    Blockchain is an emerging technology pattern that can radically improve banking, supply-chain, and other transaction networks, creating new opportunities for innovation.Blockchain technology offers...
  • IBM - Blockchain Essentials: An Overview for Business Professionals (Course)

    Course Code: U5BCH01G
    This course provides a general overview of Blockchain technology and is specifically designed to answer the following questions: What is Blockchain? (What exactly is it?) Non-Technical Technology...
  • IBM - Blockchain Essentials: Architecture Training (Course)

    Course Code: U5BCH11G
    Overview: This instructor-led 3-day Blockchain Architecture training is for technical leaders who need to make decisions about architecture, environment, and development platforms.Audience: Technical...
  • IBM - Blockchain Essentials: Security Training (Course)

    Course Code: U5BCH21G
    Overview: This course provides a detailed overview of all Blockchain security issues, including threats, risk mitigation, node security integrity, confidentiality, best security practices, advanced...
  • IBM - IoT and Blockchain Training (Course)

    Course Code: U5BCH51G
    Overview: In this one-day Internet of Things (IoT) and Blockchain training you will learn more about two of the most exciting paradigms in emerging technology.  This one-day training will cover...
  • IBM - Data Science and Blockchain (Course)

    Course Code: U5BCH55G
    Overview: This course reviews why blockchain is the future of data science. There are many decisions and issues that face the technical team and data leadership, and this class will enable...
  • IBM - Blockchain Essentials: Developing on Hyperledger Fabric (Course)

    Course Code: U5HYP10G
    Overview:This instructor-led Hyperledger training course is designed for developers and who want to take a comprehensive deep dive on Hyperledger Fabric.  This training course has been created to...
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