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VMware Organizational Skills Assessment

Staying on top of swift transformations poses a challenge for numerous modern organizations. Companies frequently make strategic choices and allocate resources to propel them into the future. Given the increasingly rapid rate of technological innovation, organizations must also ensure that their IT personnel receive training to stay current with technological advancements and maintain their peak performance. Let ExitCertified get you started on your VMware journey today. 

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During our Skills Assessment, we will help identify gaps in technology skills within your IT organization through four steps.

  1. In Step 1, our ExitCertified Subject Matter Experts schedule a meeting to understand your business objectives and identify participants in your organization for a self-assessment related to VMware solutions. They collect information about job roles, VMware solutions used, and skill levels.
  2. Step 2 involves data analysis and validation by ExitCertified instructors, assessing participants' skillsets and proficiency in VMware. They identify strengths and improvement areas, and recommend appropriate training courses.
  3. Step 3 provides individualized assessments to participants, offering recommendations for addressing skill gaps. A results meeting includes a discussion with an ExitCertified instructor, action plans for skill gap remediation, and joint planning for implementing improvements.
  4. In Step 4, the assessment results are presented by an ExitCertified instructor, allowing you to ask questions and receive detailed findings. Additional assessments can be conducted to measure skill progression over time.

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