AI Webinar: Generative AI on AWS

This 2-hour webinar on Generative AI (GenAI) development offers a technical exploration of cutting-edge AI technologies and tools. It combines technical demonstrations with practical insights, designed to enhance your understanding and skills in GenAI-driven innovation and efficiency for next-generation enterprise solutions. 

In this session Ryan Dymek, a certified AWS instructor and AI/ML professional, demonstrates how to leverage services and tools in the AWS Cloud to help accelerate your GenAI development and deployment cycle.

About the presenter:

With nearly 25 years of enterprise technology experience, Ryan Dymek specializes in helping companies empower themselves through the use of creative data solutions. Having been a cloud trainer and enterprise cloud consultant since 2009 Ryan has worked with Fortune 50 companies, SMB, and everything in between. Ryan works to design solutions for the most complex business and technical problems utilizing AI/ML, automated workflows and a DevSecOps security focus. Ryan possesses more than 30 active certifications including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and many other vendor and vendor agnostic technologies.