Google Cloud: Key Trends to Develop a Successful Multi-Cloud Strategy [Webinar]

Cloud-native platforms will become the foundation for the majority of new digital initiatives across the enterprises. Furthermore, multi-cloud is increasingly becoming a part of these cloud platform strategies. In a high-level overview of the cloud adoption trends in the industry, we discuss the four key trends that can greatly impact your technology strategy from building innovative software with managed services and containers to deploying a multi-cloud strategy using Google Cloud technologies.

In this webinar we discuss the following topics:

  • The attributes of next generation cloud-native applications
  • The key components of a multi-cloud strategy
  • The four trends in building innovative software in the cloud

Speaker: Eric Lam, Head of Cloud FinOps, Google

Eric is the Cloud FinOps Practice lead. A passionate and strategic leader, Eric has over 17 years of experience working with Fortune 100 customers and partners to transform global organizations leveraging Google Cloud technologies. In partnering with cross-functional business leaders to deliver on enterprise scale technology initiatives, Eric is recognized for helping clients create sustainable business outcomes, drive financial accountability, and accelerate value realization through digital transformation. Eric is a graduate of Harvard University and Boston College with degrees in Information Management and Computer Science.