VMware Cloud on AWS: Planning, Operations and Outposts [Webinar]

Join us for a discussion of VMware Cloud on AWS, planning and implementation considerations and the benefits associated with VMC on AWS Outposts (announced at re:Invent 2019).

This session is for you if you use AWS today and:
• You would like to understand how VMC on AWS can help connect on-premises vSphere operations to the cloud
• You are evaluating the benefits of an AWS cloud platform, and the learning curve to migrate existing services

Speaker Bio:
Ken Willard: Senior Instructor, ExitCertifiedKen specializes in system virtualization and consolidation (server & desktop), helping technology teams approach virtualization while considering the technical, organizational and political impact. Ken has worked with IT organizations from the commercial, government and non-profit verticals, addressing virtualization in each of these unique environments. In addition to delivering training to both the business partner and end-user communities, Ken also works with the Tech Data channel community to assist with pre-sales consulting.