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AWS Essentials for Getting Started Training Courses

Are you new to Amazon Web Services? Begin learning with our 1-day Essentials introductory training classes. Business Essentials is designed for IT business leaders and professionals who want to learn about the benefits and advantages a cloud strategy can provide for your business. Technical Essentials is designed for anyone who wants to learn about AWS products, services and common solutions. Take this course so you can make informed decisions about IT solutions based on your business requirements.

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  • AWS - AWS Technical Essentials (Course)

    Course Code: AWS-T-ESS
    AWS Technical Essentials introduces you to AWS products, services, and common solutions. It provides you with fundamentals to become more proficient in identifying AWS services so that you can make...
  • AWS - AWS Business Essentials (Course)

    Course Code: AWS-B-ESS
    AWS Business Essentials helps IT business decision–makers understand the benefits of cloud computing and how a cloud strategy can help you meet your business objectives. This course discusses the...
  • AWS - Secrets to Successful Cloud Transformation (Course)

    Course Code: AWS-TRANSF
    Secrets to Successful Cloud Transformation teaches you how to select the right strategy, people, migration plan, and financial management methodology needed when moving your workloads to the cloud....