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SAP Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Training Courses

ExitCertified Specializes in Certified SAP Product Lifecycle Management training across North America. Whether you're looking for Enterprise Asset Management, Lifecycle Data Management, Project and Portfolio Management, or Quality Management training, we are confident that you can find the course you're looking for below.
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  • SAP - Document Management (Course)

    Course Code: PLM120-v015
    Skills Gained Participants obtain knowledge of how to configure and use document management. One focus is the definition of customizing settings. Who Can Benefit Project manager Project team Key User...
  • SAP - Quality Management (Course)

    Course Code: PLM400-v015
    Skills Gained This training course provides an overview of the uses of Quality Management. It introduces the basic business processes involved in Quality Management, as well as how these are mapped in...
  • SAP - Quality Planning and Inspection (Course)

    Course Code: PLM412-v015
    Skills Gained Participants learn how to process QM-specific basic data as well as inspection planning details. They also learn how basic data is used in different plans and see how this data...
  • SAP - Customizing Maintenance Processing (Course)

    Course Code: PLM315-v016
    Skills Gained This course shows all relevant customizing settings (IMG) for maintenance processing with a special focus on defining new notification types and new order types. A separate unit shows...
  • SAP - Managing Technical Objects (Course)

    Course Code: PLM305-v016
    Skills Gained This course shows in detail the setup of technical asset structures which will be used as the basis and the backbone for maintenance processing. This course also contains all relevant...
  • SAP - Business Processes in Plant Maintenance (Course)

    Course Code: PLM300-v016
    Skills Gained This course introduces the central business processes in Enterprise Asset Management as well as the most important integration aspects with other SAP applications. Furthermore the course...
  • SAP - Preventive Maintenance and Service (Course)

    Course Code: PLM310-v016
    Skills Gained This course shows in detail the processes and functions of preventive maintenance and service. In a first step the creation of task lists is shown together with the relevant customizing...
  • SAP - SAP Multiresource Scheduling (Course)

    Course Code: PLM360-v016
    Skills Gained Describe the business processes addressed with MRS Explain how MRS integrates with other SAP components Outline the functions of the MRS planning board Use the automatic planning...
  • SAP - Master Data Configuration in SAP Project System (Course)

    Course Code: PLM210-v016
    Skills Gained Use different options for creating and maintaining project structures Make the required Customizing settings for WBS Define customizing settings for Activities and Networks Who Can...
  • SAP - SAP Project System — Controlling (Course)

    Course Code: PLM230-v016
    Skills Gained Describe and use project cost planning Perform revenue planning; Perform project budgeting functions Execute project settlement Who Can Benefit Application Consultant Business Analyst...
  • SAP - Classification System (CA-CL) (Course)

    Course Code: PLM130-v098
    Skills Gained This course will enable you to configure, maintain and use the system to classify objects Who Can Benefit Business Process Owner / Team Lead / Power User Application Consultant...
  • SAP - Analytics in Enterprise Asset Management (Course)

    Course Code: PLM318-v015
    Skills Gained Describe key elements of reporting in Enterprise Asset Management Run technical and controlling-specific reports relevant to Enterprise Asset Management Who Can Benefit Application...
  • SAP - Business Processes in Life-Cycle Data Management (Course)

    Course Code: PLM100-v015
    Skills Gained Participants obtain an overview of the Life-Cycle Data Management areas Who Can Benefit Application Consultant Business Process Architect Business Process Owner / Team Lead / Power User...
  • SAP - Quality Management in Logistics (Course)

    Course Code: PLM415-v098
    Skills Gained Participants learn about the integration of Quality Management into the processes of procurement, inventory management and sales processes. In particular, they learn which of the QM...
  • SAP - Variant Configuration I: Model Integration (Course)

    Course Code: PLM145-v098
    Skills Gained Model a configurable product Maintain all the related objects and master data Integrate variant configuration into processes in the supply chain Who Can Benefit Project members and other...