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Experimentation in Data Science

Course Details
Code: XDS51
Tuition (USD): $800.00 • Classroom (1 day)

This course explores the essentials of experimentation in data science, why experiments are central to any data science efforts, and how to design efficient and effective experiments.

Skills Gained

  • Define common terminology in designed experiments.
  • Describe the benefits of multifactor experiments.
  • Differentiate between the impact of a model and the impact of the action taken from that model.
  • Fit incremental response models to evaluate the unique contribution of a marketing message, action, intervention, or process change on outcomes.

Who Can Benefit

  • Data scientists, business analysts, market researchers, statisticians, and others who want to use experimentation and incremental response models in business

Course Details

Experimentation in Business

  • Why experiment?
  • Essentials of business experiments.

Incremental Response Models

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