Cognos Analytics 11.2.x

IBM Cognos Analytics 11.2.x Training Courses

Data is vitally important for businesses today. The ability to capture, analyze and present data in usable formats empowers industry leaders in making well-informed decisions. Cognos is a data analytics application and a powerful business intelligence tool capable of data mining, event monitoring, metric selection for visualization, and data analysis. In addition, the tool allows employees to create interactive dashboards and enable communications with third parties. Essentially it is an intelligence-gathering platform empowering businesses with a scalable, analytical, self-service solution for understanding and using the data collected. 

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Although Cognos is a user-friendly platform, Cognos training benefits those using the platform for extensive organizational use. It is a powerful software platform with various functions, and proper training will empower users to maximize the potential of Cognos for business. IBM Cognos Analytics training enhances proficiency with Cognos features, functions, and best practices. In addition, Cognos training can improve productivity and efficiency, help users produce the most accurate data analysis, and present findings with effective reporting and visualizations. IBM Cognos Analytics training will provide a comprehensive understanding of the tool and its capabilities allowing users to navigate and gain valuable insights quickly and accurately. 

More benefits of IBM Cognos Analytics Training include:

  • Advanced reporting tools.
  • Data Model Design.
  • Understanding how to identify problem SQL statements, tuning SQL performance problems, and enhance the development of professional dashboards through Cognos reporting studio.

Cognos is a powerful data gathering and analytics platform that can significantly benefit businesses with proper training for optimal performance. Cognos training provides the necessary knowledge, skills, and practice necessary to use IBM Cognos. Proper training equips users with an in-depth understanding of Cognos features, including data exploration, modeling, reporting, advanced analytics, and best practices. There are various techniques learned through comprehensive training courses helping users optimize the use of Cognos to make data-driven decisions.

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Students can take IBM Digital Online training anytime within the year and enroll in the self-paced virtual classes they want, when they have time to study. An IBM Learning Subscription Standard is the smart way to refresh your technical skills, without the hassle of scheduling time away to attend live classes. Get IBM authorized training on your terms—choose one of our IBM Learning Subscriptions!

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Features of IBM Learning Subscription Standard

Self-Paced Digital Learning

Courses are offered in convenient learning modules allowing you to consume training topics on a schedule that works for you.

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Can’t find the time to attend classroom training? SPVC courses provide online access to technical skills training, just like the classroom version, only you get to study at your own pace.

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You can access your training courses from anywhere in US and Canada – home, office, cottage - All you need is a connection to the internet.

Hands-on Labs

SPVC courses allows you to work with the software in a hosted environment, so you can practice your skills online.

How Does my IBM Learning Subscription Work?

Once you purchase the IBM Learning Subscription Standard package, you will receive an IBM ELSS account number by email. You must use this account number each time you enroll in any IBM SPVC or WBT course. Choose from topic /category, select the Self-Paced filter and pick your course. Proceed to checkout, remembering to add your IBM Learning Subscription Standard account number in the “Flex” payment method field.

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Important Notes About IBM Learning Subscription Standard

  • Subscriptions may only be accessed from the United States and Canada
  • Subscriptions are limited to enterprise and corporate users
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  • Access is limited to 12 SPVCs and 6 WBTs per subscription period
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