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Microsoft Azure Security Technologies

Course Details
Code: AZ-500T00
Tuition (USD): $2,595.00 $2,335.50 • Virtual (4 days)
$2,595.00 $2,335.50 • Classroom (4 days)

In this course students will gain the knowledge and
skills needed to implement security controls, maintain the security posture,
and identify and remediate vulnerabilities by using a variety of security
tools. The course covers scripting and automation, virtualization, and cloud
N-tier architecture.

Skills Gained

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Describe specialized data classifications on Azure
  • Identify Azure data protection mechanisms
  • Implement Azure data encryption methods
  • Secure Internet protocols and how to implement them on Azure
  • Describe Azure security services and features

Who Can Benefit

Students should have at least one year of hands-on experience securing Azure workloads and experience with security controls for workloads on Azure.


Before attending this course, students must have knowledge of:

  • Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate

Course Details


<br/>Module 1: Identity and Access<br/>Lessons <ul class="DetailPagesContentUnorderedList"><li class="DetailPagesContentListItem">Configure Azure Active Directory for Azure workloads and subscriptions</li><li class="DetailPagesContentListItem">Configure Azure AD Privileged Identity Management</li><li class="DetailPagesContentListItem">Configure security for an Azure subscription</li></ul><br/>Module 2: Platform Protection<br/>Lessons <ul class="DetailPagesContentUnorderedList"><li class="DetailPagesContentListItem">Understand cloud security</li><li class="DetailPagesContentListItem">Build a network</li><li class="DetailPagesContentListItem">Secure network</li><li class="DetailPagesContentListItem">Implement host security</li><li class="DetailPagesContentListItem">Implement platform security</li><li class="DetailPagesContentListItem">Implement subscription security</li></ul><br/>Module 3: Security Operations<br/>Lessons <ul class="DetailPagesContentUnorderedList"><li class="DetailPagesContentListItem">Configure security services</li><li class="DetailPagesContentListItem">Configure security policies by using Azure Security Center</li><li class="DetailPagesContentListItem">Manage security alerts</li><li class="DetailPagesContentListItem">Respond to and remediate security issues</li><li class="DetailPagesContentListItem">Create security baselines</li></ul><br/>Module 4: Data and applications<br/>Lessons <ul class="DetailPagesContentUnorderedList"><li class="DetailPagesContentListItem">Configure security policies to manage data</li><li class="DetailPagesContentListItem">Configure security for data infrastructure</li><li class="DetailPagesContentListItem">Configure encryption for data at rest</li><li class="DetailPagesContentListItem">Understand application security</li><li class="DetailPagesContentListItem">Implement security for application lifecycle</li><li class="DetailPagesContentListItem">Secure applications</li><li class="DetailPagesContentListItem">Configure and manage Azure Key Vault</li></ul>

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