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Advance Your VMware Knowledge with the Right Training and Certification Path

Myles Brown | Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Advance Your VMware Knowledge with the Right Training and Certification Path

Virtualization is a foundational data center technology that underpins many modern enterprise workloads. Most VMware professionals know that VMware® vSphere® is the dominant virtualization platform, having captured 68 percent of the global server virtualization market[1] and enabling some of the world’s largest and most successful cloud environments.

From VMware's beginning as a pioneer in server virtualization, the company has expanded into storage and network virtualization. In the cloud era, VMware continues to innovate and expand its offerings. Demand for skilled VMware professionals has never been greater, which means that IT professionals need to stay committed to ongoing training and certification to keep their VMware skills sharp.

If you’ve already begun your VMware training and certification journey, you may be wondering what your next step should be. Whether you’re interested in enhancing your VMware skills in data center virtualization, network virtualization, cloud management and automation, desktop and mobility or digital workspaces; ExitCertified offers a VMware certification path designed to help you advance your career.

The Five VMware Certification Pathways for Continuing Education

VMware’s many uses and benefits have opened up five separate certification pathways. Depending on your career goals, you might want to consider pursuing one or more of the following options.

Data Center Virtualization (DCV) Track

The VMware DCV certification track focuses on mastering the vSphere hypervisor, including VMware ESX® and VMware vCenter®. During the track you will learn how to power a computing environment for modern applications using combinations of virtual machines, containers and Kubernetes.

The DCV track starts with either the VMware vSphere: Install Configure Manage [V7] or the VMware vSphere: Optimize & Scale course, which will qualify you for your VMware Certified Professional (VCP)-DCV exam. Once you earn your VCP-DCV certification, you can continue on with the VMware Advanced Skills for vSphere Professionals Workshop toward your VMware Certified Advanced Professional (VCAP)-DCV Deploy exam and certification, and/or the VMware vSphere Design Workshop toward your VCAP-DCV Design exam and certification.

Once you are VCAP certified, you are qualified to submit and defend an original design that qualifies you for VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX)-DCV certification. VCDX-DCV is the highest level of VMware certification for data center virtualization. This certification puts you among an elite group of professionals and shows the world that you are a design architect who is highly skilled in VMware enterprise deployments.

Network Virtualization (NV) Track

The VMware NV certification track covers the logistics of virtualizing a network across data centers, clouds and application frameworks using VMware NSX®. NSX is a software-defined networking solution that lets you automatically initialize, control, change and manage your network and its security.

First, the VMware NSX Install, Configure, Manage course provides the foundation of your preparation for the VCP-NV exam. Then, the NSX Troubleshooting & Operations course starts your journey to the VCAP-NV Deploy exam. You are then eligible to submit your own network virtualization design to earn your VCDX-NV certification, VMware’s highest level of certification for network virtualization. Earning the VCDX-NV certification from VMware will validate your vSphere and NSX expertise, indicating that you are capable of delivering business value through virtualized networking infrastructure design.

Cloud Management and Automation (CMA) Track

The CMA certification track focuses on VMware vRealize®, which is designed to automate key processes in a repeatable, scalable way to improve productivity by simplifying and standardizing complex day-to-day tasks. The track focuses on installing, configuring and managing a VMware vRealize environment.

The CMA track starts with VMware vRealize Automation: Install, Configure, Manage, which is the starting point for your VCP-CMA exam. From there, you can continue on with either VMware vRealize Automation: Orchestration & Extensibility toward the VCAP-CMA Deploy exam, and/or the VMware Cloud Automation: Design & Deploy Fast Track [AF1] [NA2] course toward your VCAP-CMA Design exam.

As with the other tracks, once you achieve your VCAP-CMA, you can submit a design to earn your VCDX-CMA certification. By earning the VCDX-CMA certification, you will validate your skills in designing, planning and integrating VMware cloud management and automation solutions, proving your value as a qualified cloud professional

Desktop and Mobility (DTM) Track

The DTM certification track focuses on VMware Horizon®, a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) platform that is an ideal solution for today’s remote workforce. Horizon extends from on-premises data centers to hybrid and multi-cloud environments, giving you the tools to give any authorized device remote access to corporate resources.

After taking the VMware Horizon 8: Deploy and Manage course, you can earn your VCP-DTM certification by successfully passing the exam. You can then choose to take the Horizon: Troubleshooting & Performance Optimization [KW3] [NA4] course toward the VCAP-DTM Deploy exam and certification, or the Horizon: Design Workshop toward your VCAP-DTM Design exam and certification. Once you’ve earned either of the VCAP certifications, you can submit and defend an original design to qualify for VCDX-DTM certification from VMware.

The VCDX-DTM certification highlights your enterprise-class skills and proves your ability to design, implement, document and test complex VDI environments that are in high demand at today’s enterprises.

Digital Workspace (DW) Track

The DW certification track is all about Workspace ONE®, a digital workspace platform designed to meet the needs of an increasingly mobile workforce. Workspace ONE enables you to securely deliver and manage any app on any device. After taking VMware Workspace ONE: Skills for UEM Administrators and VMware Workspace ONE: Integrating the

Digital Workspace, you’ll be prepared to take the VCP-DW exam and earn your certification, the highest currently available from VMware for digital workspaces.

Pick a Certification Track, or Choose from 100+ Individual VMware Courses

VMware certifications are an excellent way to showcase your skills and prove your value as a VMware professional. However, if you’re just looking to close a VMware skills gap, ExitCertified has you covered there as well. In addition to the certification-track topics listed above, we offer training in today’s essential VMware technologies.

Whether you’re interested in a VMware course or a full certification, ExitCertified is your ideal resource. As an authorized VMware training center, ExitCertified offers up-to-the-minute VMware content that reflects all the latest features and updates. Plus, we offer VMware training with various options to fit your learning style, budget and schedule. 

Start Advancing Your VMware Career Today

You can explore the full range of ExitCertified VMware courses and certifications here.

[1] Spiceworks, “The 2020 State of Virtualization Technology,” accessed Aug 2021. Source.

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