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How Useful Are IBM Badges?

Anuradha Nandan | Thursday, July 8, 2021

How Useful Are IBM Badges?

IBM badges are online data objects that represent that you have achieved a certain level of education in the ecosystem of IBM, such as an IBM training course. These credentials are verifiable online by employers or organizations, which helps ensure you get the credit you deserve. Examples of how you can earn an IBM badge include:

  • Having completed IBM cloud training
  • Being an instructor for others
  • Becoming a training course author

Digital badges are an upgrade to traditional physical documents because they allow you to confirm with a central authority that the abilities you developed are true. Given IBM’s success and long legacy of being a responsible organization, anyone who wishes to make use of the badge can trust that others will see them with respect. Another advantage of digital commendations is remote testing. IBM cloud training allows for a central location to award badges without requiring you to visit it.

Over time, IBM training courses have awarded over three million digital badges. This allows the job market to see how diverse and talented others are in the same arena. Knowing how many people with specific qualifications exist in the world enables a workforce to react to this information. For example, employees seeking new job prospects can negotiate easier with the understanding of how hard it is to source talent with their level of education.

What Are IBM Badges?

IBM badges are digital signatures that act as proof that you have completed certain IBM training courses. Additionally, these badges can be shared on social media sites, such as LinkedIn, to showcase your credentials.

IBM badges exist for different levels of mastery, including student, educator and professional level:

  • A student-level badge shows you are still undergoing learning but have shown enough skill to receive the award
  • An educator badge shows that you can mentor others
  • Professional badges shows that you can use what you have learned in a working environment with others

Which IBM Badges Are Most Popular?

With several badges available from IBM, here are the top five IBM badges:

IBM Z: Technical Overview of HW and SW Mainframe Evolution

On completing this badge you will have learned about complex network mainframes that exist on an IBM Z system. You will have a good understanding of:

  • The history of mainframes on IBM Z systems
  • The different types of mainframes
  • The components that are usually found in IBM Z system mainframes
  • How the system handles basic tasks
  • How the hardware and OS of an IBM Z system work together to perform functions

At the end of this course, you will be able to claim that you have skills related to system programming, mainframe operations, IBM mainframes and IBM Z.

IBM Cloud Pak for Data V2.1.x Data Engineer

Gaining this badge means you understand the technology behind IBM Cloud Pak for Data and that you can collate, manage, interpret and organize the platform in a way that is beneficial to all users.

One of the major advantages for someone with this badge is the ability to engage with admin tasks related to data clusters, including monitoring and organizing cluster nodes, pods, services and users.

This badge-holder has extensive knowledge and practical experience related to data access and knows how to access and edit data in the software package "IBM Cloud Pak for Data."

IBM Blockchain Essentials V2

Earning this badge means you understand the principles and standards of blockchain, how to apply such concepts to a workplace and how to manage ledgers and blockchain assets.

To meet this badge's requirements, you must complete a practical lab demonstration in which you must show you have a comprehensive understanding of a chain code as well as the ability to deploy it.

IBM Universal Access for Developers (Responsive Web Application)

Achieving this badge means you have worked with an instructor to understand how a UA Responsive Web Application works and that you are able to customize such a program to create citizen services to a high level of quality. Successful applicants have skills related to:

  • Adding their own custom pages to the application
  • Installing the UA Responsive Web Application
  • Investigating REST APIs to support the UA Responsive Web Application
  • Managing the server config for the application
  • Retrieving server data related to the application
  • Using Redux to manage a custom state

IBM Z Business Partner Analytics and Machine Learning V1

Receiving this badge means you have a complete understanding of the following concepts related to z/OS:

  • Db2 for z/OS relational database management systems
  • Hybrid Transactional/Analytical Processing (HTAP)
  • Machine learning
  • IBM Watson Machine Learning

To get this badge, you must be an IBM Business Partner employee. For more information on what you need for this badge, including prerequisite badges and course materials, click here.

How Do I Earn an IBM Badge?

If you are seeking any of the above badges for yourself, ExitCertified can help you get started with IBM vendor-authorized courses that help you qualify for a digital badge.

ExitCertified courses are available virtually, which gives you the ability to attend a live instructor-led course from your office or home. The learning environment is fully interactive with seamless live two-way audio and video communication, allowing you to easily collaborate and engage online in discussion in the same way that you would do so in an in-person setting. Specialist instructors are on call to run these courses, too. Each instructor has an award-winning legacy you can trust, and their skills encompass several popular brands, including IBM and many more.

If you have any questions about ExitCertified's instructional courses, our teams are on hand to discuss the ins and outs of IBM badges and certification with you. Start earning your first — or next — IBM badge today.

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