Take Your AWS Expertise to the Next Level With an AWS Learning Needs Analysis

Brian Carlson | Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Take Your AWS Expertise to the Next Level With an AWS Learning Needs Analysis

If you’ve chosen Amazon Web Services (AWS) to enable your digital transformation, you’re in excellent company. Today, AWS offers more than 125 services, and the list is sure to grow in the coming months and years. The ever-increasing sophistication of the platform challenges all its users to commit to the training necessary to keep their skills up to date. AWS is a leading cloud provider, controlling more than a third of the market, with almost twice as much share as its nearest competitor. 

As an AWS authorized training partner, ExitCertified is uniquely positioned to leverage the AWS Learning Need Analysis (LNA) to assess the depth and breadth of your organization’s AWS skills. Qualifying organizations are invited to use the service to identify the skills gaps that are keeping them from making the most of AWS’s capabilities. To find out if your organization is eligible for an AWS Learning Needs Analysis, please schedule a complimentary call with our experts

How the AWS Learning Needs Analysis works:

1. The AWS LNA gathers data about current skills

Once your organization is approved to participate, your teams are asked to complete an online self-assessment that covers essential AWS cloud roles and responsibilities. This questionnaire takes between five and 20 minutes to finish.

2. It analyzes the findings

Once the self-assessments are completed, the AWS LNA service reviews and analyzes the full array of data it has gathered and then generates a detailed formal report that outlines your teams’ strengths and offers recommendations on training to close any skills gaps.

3. It leads to a customized training plan

With recommendations in hand from the AWS LNA, ExitCertified presents a customized training plan to solve your organization’s skills gaps and bring you closer to your strategic business goals.

This is the first analysis of its kind to offer an end-to-end service from gathering feedback, making recommendations and coming away with a robust training plan. The AWS LNA is simple and easy to use.

If your organization is committed to achieving new AWS success, getting started with an AWS LNA is your logical next step. In addition, as the most recent winner of the AWS Americas Training Partner of the Year award, ExitCertified is the ideal provider to turn your training plans into reality.

Start Closing Skills Gaps With an AWS Learning Needs Analysis Datasheet