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Big Data Training Courses

Big Data technologies like Hadoop have unlocked the information buried in the data stores of all types of organizations. ExitCertified is partnered with Cloudera and Databricks to provide Hadoop training and Spark classes, but also offers Big Data training through partnerships with cloud and technology vendors such as AWS, Microsoft, Google, IBM, SAP, and Oracle.


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  • Processing Your Big Data with Oracle Ed 1 (Course)

    Course Code: D88909GC10
    This course provides an overview of big data, the technologies used to process it, and the role of Oracle Big Data in handling it. Students learn how to acquire raw data from a variety of sources, and...
  • SAS - Advanced Analytics in a Big Data World (Course)

    Course Code: BDMC13
    In today's big data world, many companies have gathered huge amounts of customer data about marketing success, use of financial services, online usage, and even fraud behavior. Given recent trends and...
  • EMC - Advanced Methods in Data Science and Big Data Analytics (Course)

    Course Code: 4192
    This course builds on skills developed in the Data Science and Big Data Analytics  course. The main focus areas cover Hadoop (including Pig, Hive, and HBase), natural language processing, social...
  • Hadoop Data Management with Hive, Pig, and SAS(R) (Course)

    Course Code: DIHPS
    In this course, you use processing methods to prepare structured and unstructured big data for analysis. You learn to organize this data into structured tabular form using Apache Hive and Apache Pig....
  • S Introduction to Oracle Big Data Ed 2 (Course)

    Course Code: D75058GC20
    In this course, you are introduced to Big Data and Oracle's Big Data solution. Learn how to install, configure, manage, and secure the Oracle Big Data Appliance. As you progress through the course,...
  • Working with SAS(R) Data Loader for Hadoop (Course)

    Course Code: DL31HD
    This course gives business analysts and data scientists a seamless platform to profile, integrate, cleanse, and move big data without writing code in a Hadoop environment using an intuitive web-based...
  • Oracle Big Data Fundamentals Ed 2 (Course)

    Course Code: D86898GC20
    In the Oracle Big Data Fundamentals course, you learn about big data, the technologies used in processing big data and Oracle's solution to handle big data. You also learn to use Oracle Big Data...
  • Cloudera Data Scientist Training (Course)

    Course Code: DATA-SCI-TRAIN
    This four-day workshop covers data science and machine learning workflows at scale using Apache Spark 2 and other key components of the Hadoop ecosystem. The workshop emphasizes the use of data...
  • HDS - Pentaho Data Integration with Hadoop – DI2000 (Course)

    Course Code: HDS-DI2000
    This course provides an overview of Pentaho Data Integration (PDI) within the context of the Hadoop ecosystem. Building upon Pentaho Data Integration Fundamentals, students will learn how Pentaho...
  • Oracle Big Data Fundamentals (Training On Demand) (Course)

    Course Code: D100484GC20
    In the Oracle Big Data Fundamentals course, learn to use Oracle's Integrated Big Data Solution to acquire, process, integrate and analyze big data. In this course, you will be introduced to Oracle Big...
  • Cloudera University Security Training - OnDemand (Course)

    This course, which is offered exclusively through OnDemand, introduces experienced system administrators to some of the tools and techniques that Cloudera's Solution Architects use to protect the...
  • Oracle GoldenGate 12c: Integrate Big Data (Training On Demand) (Course)

    Course Code: D101455GC10
    The course shows how to integrate more traditional relational databases with the current wave of new technologies such as Big Data (in particular, Hadoop) and the NoSQL databases MongoDB and...
  • Oracle Big Data Learning Subscription (Course)

    Course Code: OBD-LS
    Get the full Big Data picture with the Oracle Big Data Learning Subscription. Use Big Data analytics and applications to transcend reactive intelligence with proactive insight for dynamic marketing,...
  • IBM Open Platform with Apache Hadoop (Course)

    Course Code: DW606G
    IBM Open Platform (IOP) with Apache Hadoop is the first premiere collaborative platform to enable Big Data solutions to be developed on the common set of Apache Hadoop technologies. The Open Data...
  • IBM Open Platform with Apache Hadoop (BigInsights V4.0) - SPVC (Course)

    Course Code: 2W606G-SPVC
    This IBM Self-Paced Virtual Class (SPVC) includes: - PDF course guide available to attendee during and after course - Lab environment where students can work through demonstrations and exercises at...
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