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Discover the Difference with Expert Training from ExitCertified

As leaders in professional development, ExitCertified provides more value with an evolving curriculum that is taught by highly qualified instructors and delivered through modalities that fit into even the busiest schedules. Read on to discover how ExitCertified’s training solutions can help you and your company meet your goals.

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5 Ways to Fit IT Training Into Your Busy Work Schedule

Staying current — and getting ahead — in a technology-fueled job requires access to training that enables you to use today’s leading IT technologies and prepares you for the future. So why not find a way to fit training into your busy work schedule, skill up for the fourth industrial revolution and succeed today?

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Choosing Between Docker CE vs EE and Swarm vs Kubernetes

You are likely familiar with containerization and the benefits it brings to your applications and data center. Docker democratized containers by providing a simple, efficient and cost-effective container implementation and management solution. This article helps you decide between Docker CE vs EE and Swarm vs Kubernetes.

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